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Bribing Myself With Videogames

Here I am again. I actually did a little bit of studying tonight. I do mean a little bit of studying. Under activities classified as “math oriented,” I did like 3 or 4 problems and consider myself “ready” for the final. Now, with Accounting, I consider this an interesting phenomenon. I found a way to “convince” myself to study. Picture this: I’m trying to motivate myself to study for a huge test taking place tomorrow. Realizing my weakness is relaxing, not doing anything, and doing things that are not productive – I use that to my advantage. I tell myself that I will play Madden 2001 (for Playstation 2) and study at the same time. I will play 1 possession, and then study 1 page in my book. The plan was ingenious. I learned how to do Cashflow Statements and play a great game (with shitty teams though: Colts and Patriots – keep in mind I’m in the Division Playoffs in the season Mode) at the same time. I love bribing myself.

I should feel more stressed about tomorrow but I really don’t. Maybe I know more than I think I do. In any case, I don’t care how well I do because no matter how I perform on those tests, my woman is going to be here for a week straight and that’s all I can think about.

I just realized that there is approximately 4:22 left on the clock and it’s only the 2nd quarter… I’ll write after the game!!

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