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Me Being All Poetic

Ok, so back to this writing thing. It’s snowing. I love it. There’s really nothing like that feeling of stepping off the porch hearing the crunch of the fluffy white stuff beneath your feet. Everything seems perfect. Looking out the window I see the flakes passing through the dim lights on the street. Snow always brings a certain quietness to the night… and thoughts of “snow-days” and hot chocolate. As it gets later and the traffic dies down, my eyes wander upward as the flakes step out from behind the black curtain and bring themselves into reality just above my rooftop. But this isn’t the only magic that takes place beyond my field of vision. Right now my love is resting peacefully – dreaming of me. And even though she’s not here with me, I still feel her love for me – new like the first snow of the season – embracing the world for the first time. Bringing a renewed sense of purity and freshness. And as winter brings herself to a close, the world prepares to bring forth life. And as she departs from me like this beautiful season, I’m left with the memories of the times we’ve spent together and the joy that comes when she arrives again. In parting. – Not how one soul comes close to another, but how it moves away shows me their kinship and how much they belong together.

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