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Quitting The Hardware Store & My Emotional Crap

Let’s see here… Well, first off, I FINALLY quit the hardware store. Last Wednesday – I think it was the 20th (maybe the 21st). I finally had enough of Gordon. I didn’t put away an Elder + Jenks order, so the next day when I got there, he asked me why, and I said it was busy and I couldn’t get to it. He wouldn’t drop it. He came back to me 3 times asking questions about it. Finally, after the 3rd time, I got sick of it, so I walked out. I’ve paid all my bills for September, but I haven’t found another job yet. It has only been just over a week, but it still makes me nervous. College starts next week and I still have to buy books and stuff like that, besides food for the month – gas, etc… I’ve got about $400 in my wallet right now, and $115 minus $62 in my bank account.

On the good news side of things, Joanna and I just had our 4 month anniversary. Which just happened to fall on my birthday! Such a great present, to have her in my arms. I love her and Tessa so much. I guess I’m always saying that.

I’ve learned quite a bit about myself the other day (the 26th). I had orientation for school, and when I got there, I realized that I needed my schedule – and that I had to buy my books. Knowing that I didn’t have a job and only having about $400 for the month, I got very emotional as I got home to pick up my schedule. Saying how I’ll “have to skip my car payment this month.” I’m not really sure what made me react like that. But it seemed to peak when Mom asked why I was home. I guess it was a cry for help. I was snippy and very upset.

  • I guess when I get emotional, I have a hard time putting things in perspective. Sometimes I have a hard time looking at things objectively. I really didn’t need to react in that way.

Oh well, I’ll write more later.

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