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The Christmas-Tree-Shaped Poem

This is dumb.

This is stupid.

I do not like dumb things.

I do not like stupid things.

Henceforth, this is dumb and stupid; I do not like this.

Furthermore, I hate this with exceeding hatred.

This = Working today at 7:10am in the morning.

This = Something I hate.




I am glad I am getting paid a measly wage for this activity.

I enjoy less and less money for more and more work, and sitting down while not doing

Anything except doing dumb/stupid things.

Less and less money.

More crap.

I enjoy waking up at 7:10am – in the morning to provide 3 customers with crap.

I feel my life; it is helping to give crap out for less money.

Hencewithforwithoutsuchas, this is crap beyond normal degrees of crapness.

Ode to Joy, thank you Beethoven, for providing a song to describe such times as I am having right now.

I feel good to do crap at 7:10am, for less money and more crap.

People are stupid.

Yes, and dumb, as is this.

People do NOT need hardware at 7:10am in the morning on Christmas Eve…

Trailers have no need of hardware on Christmas Eve.

I figure they have much duct tape stored up at home, so as to not come to the hardware store at 7:10am in the morning.

Yet, they come here anyway. To consume more duct tape and tarps for their trailers.

It makes it less drafty in their living room/kitchen/bedroom.

Please put a padlock on the trailer door, so we can’t get out. Also, put more crap on the plastic brick wall.

We are poor, yet I am poorer, mainly in contrast because I do crap for crap money. They do nothing whatsoever, and get checking accounts full of welfare dollars, and also EBT credit cards to rack up the welfare bill – so that I can continue to be poor for less money… even less because I give them money for their “checking accounts” full of welfare dollars.

Uncle Sam forces me to.

They also do less with less teeth. They do not brush them. They merely drink coffee in order to strain it throught their tooth, so as to make that last one rot right out. Also, cigarettes and lotto tickets abound.

Page break


This last page was to waste an entire piece of paper, dedicated to all the starving Somalians. I have plentiful resources, which I can waste at my leisure.


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