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On The Stagnation Of Human Evolution

I intend to address an issue that has been plaguing the human race for centuries, dating back even to ancient Egypt. This entity disguises itself as “the smart thing to have,” and in fact, is hindering growth on a global scale. It is seen as a “benefit” in modern society, and people strive to find jobs that provide it. The disease of this world that I’m speaking of is Health Insurance.

This may seem insensitive, but that’s because you haven’t thought about it – at least in a selfless sense. People are being born, on a daily basis, with health problems that are either incurable, or cost tremendous amounts of money to cure. This is nature’s way of cutting down on population and preserving members of the species that are best fit to live. This is where Health Insurance unnaturally steps in. Where Nature would simply have enacted the laws of “survival of the fittest,” Health Insurance ensures that these people thrive and produce more humans with the same defects. There is no room here for Nature to correct herself. The result is more people with severe health problems, which could easily have been solved by letting go – without Health Insurance.

I feel that Christians who say that evolution is not happening now to humans are right. I also feel that it is plausible to believe that Health Insurance was a plot by Creationists to make it look like humans cannot evolve. If we keep all the people that would naturally die alive, then more people with defects will live and reproduce. Therefore, no evolution can occur. I am not, by any means, saying that I support letting people die, but logically speaking, Health Insurance is no doubt a hindrance to evolution.

I feel that I have presented my case fairly well, and have gotten at least a few people to think for themselves.

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