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On The Destruction Of The Christian Faith With One Picture

I can across something that really interested me today. It was a picture that made me think… for myself. I suddenly realized that a lot of things didn’t make sense – even more than usual. I felt that this was groundbreaking information, so as I usually do when such things happen, I wrote a paper about it.

It seems that nearly 50,000 years ago (Which according to Christians, the Earth is only about 10 – 15,000 years old… hmmm), a meteor struck the planet Earth in what is now the state of Arizona. These weren’t just shallow claims without evidence. There are many pictures, and there is actually a “Visitor’s Center.” The crater is about 700 feet deep, and about 4,000 feet across.

It seems to me that an event with such catastrophic potential would be mentioned in a book in the Bible somewhere. Most Christians would respond by saying that it was insignificant. Ok, let’s assume that it isn’t, although it makes me laugh with exceeding laughter that anyone would think that. Even if it is insignificant, what about the image that this landmark portrays?

According to I Corinthians 14:33, “For God is not the author of confusion….” For some reason, I’m feeling that God has authored quite a bit of confusion in this case. A landmark which is 50,000 years old kind of contradicts the whole idea of the Earth only being about 10,000 years old. And what would God’s purpose for creating a crater on the Earth’s surface be? To make people think the Earth is older than the Bible says, or to conjure up some confusion? It doesn’t make sense, and in fact, I think that there is no longer a reason (as far as I’m concerned) to consider Christianity a plausible religion under any circumstances.

Take a look, and think for yourself!



You can also visit http://www.meteorcrater.com for more info!!

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