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On Ignorance

As we all know, ignorance is a terrible thing. It is best to think out anything you’re going to say, before you open your mouth. You could end up sounding very ignorant.

I’ve received some negative attention about this site and I’d like to say to all of you that I appreciate it – fully. Not only was this site designed to tell the world how I, and anyone else who wishes to write for this site, feel and think; it was designed to see how people react. Most negative comments are concocted almost the instant after reading one of these papers. Not much thought goes into what I, or anyone else, had to say. I will provide examples, as just saying things without having anything to back it up, would be ignorant.

I was particularly impressed with “Jessica’s” dissertation on being nice to people. I don’t know this person in any way, yet she seems to claim (in an ignorant fashion, because she doesn’t know me) that because I am witness to activities, I am suddenly a part of them. I hate to use this example, seeing as how I don’t believe in the Bible, but didn’t Jesus associate with the drunkards so he could teach them? Was he considered a drunkard? No, of course not. He was supposedly the “Son of God.”

Also, I never have disclosed my amount of income publicly, nor have I said anything that was untrue about goings on where I live or elsewhere. I tell only of true occurrences when I write – especially when ranting about something. What good is it to lie about something that you don’t like? Obviously there is nothing wrong with it if you have to exaggerate it to make it sound bad.

Another thing that made an impact on me was the fact that she was going to make an attempt to judge me by my appearance. I can’t imagine a more ignorant statement. This “Jessica” sounds like a very materialistic, ignorant, and certainly a temperamental person.

I would appreciate if people are going to make comments on my site, that they be well thought out and free of ignorant statements. I almost feel as though this is a waste of time, seeing as how the problems with her “verbal lashing” are completely obvious. I shouldn’t even have to point them out. But then again, she doesn’t realize it, so I guess I should be writing this.

Finally, I would like to say to “Jessica” that I do not take offense to what she’s said, although I’d appreciate that she would put her actual email address in the guestbook so that I may respond to what she’s said. I would also appreciate her giving me an informed reason for me to not be so, as she calls it, “mean and cruel.” Honesty is much better than covering up your true feelings. Another comment would be to make sure you spell everything right if you’re going to attempt to discourage me. I’ve noticed a few errors that need attention. The Internet isn’t outside of the jurisdiction of English grammar.

If any of you are wondering where some of these comments came from, visit my guestbook. Feel free to sign it. Thank you for your attention.

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