On God

I’ve had some thoughts recently on the existence of God. I don’t think it’s that big of a mystery. I’ve found that using simple logic will aid in providing an age-old question with a simple answer. But, I also think that people are afraid of what will happen when they use logic. They’ll have to leave the “security of home” and realize the truth.

I’ll start by asking a simple question. Can a non-existent thing have any type of effect on an existing thing? You could almost say that they are in different dimensions. Dimensions never cross each other. Like time and depth. They are totally different and have no relationship with each other. Yet people claim that God has had such a tremendous affect on their lives though they’ve never hear or seen him.

Now building upon that, I’ll tell you from experience that God had absolutely no affect on my life until someone told me about him. When I heard about how he died for me. About how he created the universe, and how important it was that I be “born again.” It wasn’t until people told me that these things are true and that I should believe them did God have any type of place in my life. And it wasn’t exactly God that I believed in; it was the bible. Again, God is using people to tell other people what to do and believe. It seems to me that if God is the creator of the universe, and creator of all language, that he could find some way to tell me DIRECTLY that it is important that I be “born again,” or else I suffer eternal damnation. You’d think God would be clever enough to tell you, Himself, about such important things. I mean, if I know one of my friends is going to do something that will kill them, I’d definitely tell them – especially since I’m omnipresent and omniscient! I’m not going to tell someone else to hurry up and be a messenger for me and hope he doesn’t screw up. And I’m just a mortal! Imagine how much God must care, being love itself! I guess he just loves us so much that he thinks the best option is to send us to hell for all eternity. Such a loving God he is!

The reason I said all of that was to prove a point. Many Fundamentalists (I tend to think all, judging from experience), and Christians in general, seem to think that because there has been such a profound change in their lives that the only reasonable answer is that there is a God somewhere in existence. You will hear them use spiritual talk about how they were “wandering hopeless and in despair” until they were saved by grace. The truth is, that they didn’t have the slightest inkling of what or who “God” was, until someone found them and told them.

So in conclusion, I have to say that if it weren’t for people telling people who God was, we’d all be in hell because God can’t talk. I guess he used to talk a long time ago, at least that’s what people tell me…

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