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On The Concept of “God’s Will”

Many of us (maybe even all of us) have heard someone, or have ourselves said, “It was God’s Will for such-and-such to happen.” I plan to decimate that theory right here, with this paper. I do not do this out of hatred for any group of people (although Christians tend to be the target of many of my papers – they are likened more to the innocent… ignorant bystander), or to make myself out to seem “above” such ideas. I am simply pointing some things out that may have not been thought about before.

Let us say, for example, a Christian (or anyone who has faith in God) happens to be wandering through the woods one day and he observes a waterfall. He listens to the calming, yet powerful sound as the water flows over the edge of the slope. A moment later, the waterfall slows almost to a trickle. The Christian, who tends to put things in a spiritual perspective, will most likely decide that “God had a reason” for doing such a thing as reducing the flow of the waterfall – while he was standing there, no less. Perhaps God was trying to tell him metaphorically that water (which spiritually, represents life) won’t always be there, yet God always will be – or something to that effect.

In the believer’s mind, something that happens is automatically in accordance with “God’s Will.” Yet, if we were to analyze the events that actually occurred, we would find that nothing of the sort was intended.

Let us look at our first example. The believer is witness to the water flow tremendously slowing, yet doesn’t know exactly what caused it. Therefore, he will say it was “God’s Will.” If he was to climb up alongside of the waterfall and follow the water to its source, he may discover the large tree that the lumberjack (who has a free will) had chopped down, about half of a mile upstream. The reason for the slowing of the water had absolutely nothing to do with “God” or His “Will.”

We’ve noticed over the centuries that God has had less and less to do with everyday events. People of ancient cultures believed that God made the lightning that came from the heavens, and that he caused natural disasters. People also believed that the world was flat and that there was a “Firmament” that held the stars and sun in the Earth’s atmosphere. Science has proven all of these ideas to be false. Such events as natural disasters, lightning, tornados, etc, have – to a degree – a certain amount of predictability. We aren’t subject to “God’s wrath” due to not abiding by his “will.” It is only a matter of time before the source for every action and occurrence is discovered. Then God will no longer have a “Will,” but he will have to make one out! Hahaha, I laugh at myself sometimes. That is a great pun!

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