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Where Do These People Come From?

That’s the only title I can think of for this paper because I’m going to be writing about several different things. Mostly on how ignorant people can be.

I work at a hardware store. This place is a culmination of, and a meeting place of, cob-jobbing, welfare-sucking, Polish-shower taking, degenerate jerks. These people have nothing better to do than to occupy their time with meaningless tasks such as putting the stove where the dryer used to be. How often is it you come across a person who doesn’t know the difference between feet and foot? The average grammarian knows that feet is merely the plural form of foot. But for these people, this is a struggle to the bitter end. It confuses them beyond belief! I’d also like to know when the last time you acquired your fishing license from a hardware store was? I swear these people are brain-dead.

I’d say that at least 75% of these people have come from trailer parks. I’ve never understood how people can buy so much duct tape. I mean, how much skirting can one trailer have???

I often wonder if these people actually realize how bad they have it? The way they just go out in public looking disgusting makes you think they don’t. I’ve seen it all. I seriously think I’ve been desensitize to some extent. I’ve seen the worst of everything, or at least close to it. These old men walk around with giant urine stains in their pants. They smell like a sewage treatment plant and they act like nothings wrong. And I hear people say my generation is bringing the country down. How were these people raised? I don’t think shame was a major part of their education. Or hygiene for that matter.

From my experience I don’t think reading was stressed during their childhood. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to write a check for some of these idiots! How do you get a checking account if you can’t read? That is dangerous. I’ve contemplated many times just voiding the sale and writing a check to myself. These people are total morons. But seeing as how I’m an honest guy, I won’t do that to them. Also, how do you get a drivers licence without knowing how to read? I don’t feel safe on the roads around here after seeing how these people are.

I tell you what, I meet some of the strangest people in the world working at Burgoyne Quality Hardware. It’s crazy! I meet people that tell me they live up in the mountains and they wash their cloths and heat their water with a 20lb propane cylinder! No electricity or anything! I don’t understand it. I just don’t. I could never live that way. And I have no clue as to how they get the money to pay for the propane every week. It’s psycho. But then again that’s my opinion. I know how to read and things of that nature, so I’m abnormal. All I can ask is, “Where do these people come from???”

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