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Were Humans Meant To Exist?

Being the devout fan of logic that I am, I will bestow upon you another enlightening thought I’ve had recently about the human race. It’s a new way to look at things in a different light. And when you think about it, it’s very logical. Let me explain.

We begin in a natural setting. A mountain side, if you will. There is a valley below, and logically there is a peak on the mountain. It’s a pristine setting; blue sky with very few clouds, and a stream in the valley. There is a slight breeze. Now if you will, imagine a person being placed on the side of the mountain, about halfway up.

Now the problem originates. I will be referring to a “natural” state which means a setting without humans. Imagine this natural setting, undisturbed by any outside force. An equilibrium has been reached. Now you have this human placed on the side of the mountain. So far no problems, but that’s because it’s only been about 2 microseconds. Soon human “nature” takes effect. This human isn’t happy with just being in equilibrium. He has to be “adventurous.” If any movement is to be made at all, you would think that it would be to go down the mountain, right? Naturally gravity pulls downward. But this human isn’t at all interested in going down the mountain. No, he would rather climb the mountain to achieve a certain “feeling.” As soon as he starts to move he already has set off a chain reaction. His foot leaves the ground and kicks a few rocks into the air. These rocks soon find their way down into the stream. Looking ahead at the results, the stream is plugged up (being as it is a very small stream) and equilibrium is lost. It starts to flood its banks causing the vegitation alongside the stream to be killed. This vegetation was a food supply for animals that came by the stream, and this will soon kill them off as well.

Already we see that the human is a burden on the planet after only performing a simple task. We can only imagine what happens further as we explore his exploits.

Now, we find that he has reached the peak of the mountain and is delighted. Of course! What else could he be? He now begins his descent. Slowly and carefully he goes to ensure he isn’t injured. Soon after he reaches the valley and finds it isn’t how he left it.

He is puzzled as to why has happened. It is no concern to him though. He has the power to relocate and he is able to reason. So now his journey begins to find a dwelling, while leaving the scene destroyed from its natural state.

As he travels, similar events as mentioned above are inevitable due to human “nature.” It is obvious that humans are destructive to say the least as they strive to reach their goals. In the distant future will result in the development of Comsumerism, Technology and other infections on the planet such as Money and Power. The fate of the planet rests in its new found foe… the human.

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