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On The Origins Of Selfish Motives

Have you ever wondered where people get their motives from? For example, how people can determine that a child that’s screaming of hunger takes less importance when compared to buying lottery tickets. I aim at taking a close look at this particular matter in this paper.

A prominent attitude found in the area in which I live is, as I would call it, “drunken indifference.” This attitude has penetrated the inner cities and has spread through the smaller towns, and it’s evident where I live. The psychology behind it is very simple. The people who have fallen victim to this plague have most likely been consuming alcohol from a very young age. And because of this, they have an even more risk of developing alcoholism – which most of them have already fallen into by around age 25. As most people know, alcohol has tremendous effects on the brain. One of these is addiction. And as you know, when you become addicted to something, it affects your entire life. It’s no different in these situations. The people who suffer from Drunken Indifference (D.I.) have little or no regards for anyone around them, let alone their own families.

D.I. does not consist of Alcoholism alone. It has a vast array of symptoms. And because of the environment and living conditions they endure, the source of their addictions are never far from their dwellings. I say dwellings because some of these structures could hardly be called houses.

A common meeting place for D.I. victims are local convenience stores. Vices of many kinds may be found here. These small groups of people have penetrated and infected these stores with their presence and have driven the average person from shopping there because of the repulsive and shameless consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and lottery tickets. Any self-respecting person would be repulsed at what goes on in these places. A vein has been tapped and until the need has been met these people will continue to consume.

On many occasions you can observe hideous behavior in these “hideouts.” Kids will cry for food and will be continually denied while the parents will squander entire welfare and/or paychecks on the aforementioned products. No concern at all for the health of their child/children. They are completely willing to treat ”loved ones” this way in public because the addiction has consumed them so wholly. They don’t even realize it anymore. They don’t realize until they arrive at home that there’s not a bit to eat in the entire house. All sense of responsibility has left them and has been replaced with pure selfish greed, and it’s not even greed for anything that’s going to better their lives. Alcohol and cigarettes destroy families, yet they have an unceasing desire to aquire endless supplies of these items without regard for people around them.

D.I. does not favor one sex over the other. Both male and female are steadily being immersed in this catastrophe. Imagine seeing a woman tell her son “No” to a bag of bagels as she rings up $50.00 in lottery tickets. It is upsetting at the least. Yet, it happens on a day to day basis.

On A Solution

This is a difficult problem to solve to say the least. It would be unethical to force people to spend money the way you wanted them to, but at the same time you have to look out for the welfare of the children. There are several options available although they could prove to be very controversial. I will attempt to cover at least the basics of each.

One of the main problems is that the consumption of alcohol under the legal age takes place far too often. More efforts must be made to curb this problem in order to solve the larger issue. I propose a type of “Scared Straight” approach while children are young; starting at least in Kindergarten or 1st grade. Nothing is more important than teaching children about the harms of alcohol and cigarettes before they hear it from someone else.

It is hard to put pressure on employees of these places knowing the difficulties they deal with already, but some type of policy should be employed where if a child is definitely in need of food and the parent continually denies them, authorities should be notified immediately. Sufferers of I.D. feel that these stores are a “safe haven” for their activities to go on. They must learn that disregard for the health of their children will not be tolerated.

Finally, I propose that we all watch for these things that are happening and do your part. If you see someone who has show all or some of the signs of Drunken Indifference, please contact the authorities or a social worker or something. Something needs to be done.


I have addressed a problem that is not something that happens “somewhere else.” It’s happening in every city in America. Anywhere alcohol, tobacco, and lottery tickets are sold there is at least 1 person who’s been affected by D.I. and unless it is stopped early, others will also suffer, and it’s most likely going to be children. I urge you to do what you can to help solve this problem.

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