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On A Very Stupid Idea

It’s getting pretty near those peak summer months where it gets unbearably hot, and of course – I’m sure most of you – will be running for a cool glass of water. I intend here to deal with an issue that involves all of us. You see, there is a great amount of misunderstanding that most humans posses. My purpose in this paper will be to help you to understand the misconception faced by people all around the world, and to aid you in avoiding a tremendous amount of frustration.

What’s the first thing you do when you get yourself a nice cold glass of water? If you’re like most everyone else, you’ll say that you head to the freezer and put a few cubes of ice into the cup. I don’t know the history behind this superstition, but for the average person it has become second nature; it’s become a subconscious function for some.

Why is this a stupid idea? Why do I call it a “superstition?” Because putting ice into a glass of any beverage and having the result be a cooler drink is an illusion. The simple laws of physics can cast away this old myth.

Say you have a drink on your picnic table outside and its about 90º. You notice after a while that the ice cubes have disappeared. This is because heat travels from hot to cold. Cold temperatures do not cool down hot temperatures. It’s the same concept when you go outside in the winter with no coat on. What really happens is the heat leaves your body and is radiated into the cooler air; the cold air doesn’t bring the temperature in your body down.

People are under the illusion that the ice makes the drink colder, when in actuality the heat is just making the ice warmer (which would be why it melts). Not only is this a bad idea when having a glass of water, it’s horrible when you’re drinking something else besides water. The cubes melt and they ruin the taste of the drink.

I hope I have been of a service to you, my fellow humans in your struggle to stay cool this summer. I have seen this happen too many times to let it go on any longer without saying anything.


On a Solution

I suggest instead of using ice cubes, to try if at all possible to put your drink in the shade. If it’s impossible to do so, then invest some money in those little cup insulators. They work a lot better than a couple ice cubes – especially if you’re drinking something other than water!

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