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Am I The Only One Who Finds This Strange?

For most of this paper I will ask you to refer to the illustration I have provided at the bottom of this paper. It will give you a bountiful source information as well as something to laugh at for years to come. Of course, some of you may already be well aware of what I intend to address in this paper. Nevertheless, I will continue. For those of you who don’t know, prepare to be enlightened.

Today I came across something that made me think a lot. And of course as you know, I’m usually thinking about how ignorant and uninformed people seem to be. Well this, in my opinion, takes the cake.

I encourage people to think for themselves and for the most part I don’t ask that people agree with me. I just ask that they at least take into consideration what I’m saying. But this time around, I’m hoping that people will agree with me, because if not, we as a nation are in huge trouble. I’m serious about this. If you have any concern at all for the mental well-being of our fellow human beings, please read on.

As you know, from reading some of my writings, I am not a Christian – although I used to be. Today I came across a reason that I would never even consider going back. I will explain.

I think as far as science is concerned, we’ve advanced pretty well as a civilization. We’re pretty good at figuring things out and we have incredibly accurate methods of measurement. For instance, we know that the Earth is round,(an “oblate spheroid” to be exact) right? I would say that at least the thinking portion of the population would agree with me on that statement. And am I not acting irrationally to think that most of us know that the Earth revolves around the sun, and the Moon around us as well? I would hope that at least 75% of you are nodding affirmatively. As far as proportions are concerned, the Sun is much larger than the Earth and the Earth is much larger than the Moon. Do you agree? Again, I hope you’re nodding. Gravity is, of course, the force that keeps us going around the Sun, as well as the Moon around the Earth, right? I hope you think I’m sounding redundant. I am doing so just to make sure everything is made clear. We do not want to have any misunderstandings. This is much too important of an issue to take risks.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll ask you to refer to the illustration at the bottom of this page. I will give you a little history of this picture. I drew it on my paint program. It is my rendition of a picture I came across in a bible. I tried to make it as similar as possible. It is how Christians think the world actually looks!!

Please bring your attention to #1. Notice that there are “pillars” holding the Earth up, which by the way, seems to me to be flat. I thought that we had already discovered that the Earth was round a long time ago? And I know what you’re probably thinking. No, this isn’t an old bible. It was published in the 90’s. I could stop right here seeing as how I just destroyed the Christian faith, but I will continue because there is more. I would not stop writing such an earth-shattering paper so abruptly.

Now, bring your attention to #2. In the illustration, this is know as the “Firmament,” which in Genesis was said to hold back the “Flood waters.” Notice how inside the Firmament is the Stars, Moon, and Sun. Something about this picture doesn’t seem right. How is it that the Sun is within the Earth’s atmosphere? This seems incredibly illogical, and just plain wrong. The Sun is tremendously larger than the Earth and radiates so much heat that if this biblical situation actually existed, the Earth wouldn’t exist. Not only is the Sun in our atmosphere, but the Moon and all the Stars are too.

Now I will pose a logical question, as I always do. According to the bible, the Floodgates (#3) were opened and the waters came down on the Earth. Let’s say, for continuity’s sake, that the Sun actually is inside the Earth’s atmosphere. When the Floodgates, indicated by #3, were opened, wouldn’t that extinguish the Sun and all the Stars?? Theoretically it would send them crashing down onto the Earth, would it not? Now that I’ve dispelled that myth, let me continue on.

Take a look at #4. This is a mountain which clearly shows the Firmament being connected with it. If I may speak boldly, I have never in my life seen a brick wall surrounding the Earth that begins and ends on two separate mountains, let alone a wall that would be strong enough to hold back an amount of water that could cover the entire Earth. It would seem to me that a Firmament that starts at the surface of the Earth and encompasses the Sun, Moon, and Stars would be somewhat obvious. You’d definitely notice it and we’d all be Christians, would we not?

Now I will continue on to #5, which is the “flood waters.” They are said to be contained outside the Floodgates and the Firmament. Ok, now let’s assume, again for continuity’s sake, that there is a Firmament, and that it contains the Sun, Moon, and Stars, all within the Earth’s atmosphere, and that the Earth is held up by pillars. Actually, let’s not. This is so incredibly stupid, and I can’t continue with this. I will just mention that #6 represents heaven and that this is such an absurd belief.

As you all can see, this is exceedingly distressing to me. People will actually defend this position with their lives. Sometimes I just want to throw up when I think of how stupid people can be. Where did we go wrong? Did we just stop thinking at some point in history? Wake up people! We really need an intellectual revolution. This is more than just an issue of misunderstanding. It’s just plain ignorance. Who can actually tell me with a straight face that there is a Firmament that holds the Sun, Moon, and Stars within the Earth’s atmosphere? I’m getting unbelievably frustrated. I guess that’s what happens when religions use fear to control people. People don’t actually think, they just do and think what the preachers tell them to so they won’t go to hell. Well, I personally am an evolved being who chooses to use the brain that I was born with and I will not be sucked into cults that tell me I have to do such-and-such and believe garbage like “the Earth is held up by pillars,” or that the Sun is inside the Earth’s atmosphere. I choose to “think for myself.”

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